Technical support


You are a biotechnical engineer or member of a service team? We can advise you of the appropriate action, give information about the right spare part or provide you with the needed technical documentation.

Our central dispatching gets you as soon as possible in contact with specialised Service Engineers, who know your products, your situation and your people. We constantly help you in an individualised way!
Our helpdesk is reachable day and night, 24/7 on +32 (0)3 870 11 44.



Maximum uptime is our highest priority!

Our Service Engineers discuss together with you the most needed and efficient repair. There are many options possible: repair on the spot, repair in the lab, standard exchange, a replacement appliance...

Repairs on the spot are being executed by specialised Service Engineers. The technical interventions are being executed the day itself or the day after, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

Lab repair is a cost-effective alternative for minor urgent repairs. We maintain your equipment in our technical laboratory, where all needed diagnostic instruments are available for tracking the malfunction's cause.


Delivery of spare parts

Besides our extensive stock of spare parts, we provide all essential original parts, supplies and accessories by courier or in one day.

To offer you the best delivery agreements, we have different formulas:

  • a spare part is to replace an original new or equivalent part
  • for many compound parts there is an exchange program, where the defect part gets traded in for a lower price
  • for most of the assemblies and modules there is a fixed repair-price, therefore the price of the repair is known in advance


Preventive maintenance

Planned preventive maintenance is the best guarantee for a reliable use and a long life span of high-technological medical systems.

This support can be executed by the biomedical team of the hospital after an adapted training and certifying, or by one of our qualified support teams who have specified instruments and parts for this task. It can be executed on demand or being taken in in a service agreement.