Technical services

Technical service, adapted to the situation of the client

Technical support is one of our service's pillars. Our extended technical support organization offers a wide range of services that support our products, systems and applications.

Based on your desires and maybe the possibilities of your own biotechnical service, these services can be taken in the service agreements.

Our service organization is based on three basic principles:

  1. Excellent client service
    Depending on your desires and organization we offer direct user support or first or second degree support to the local biomedical engineers. We pay attention to the specific needs and desires of the customers and aspire after a personal approach.
  2. Expertise
    Our Service Engineers are experts in their area of expertise. This is guaranteed by a defined product spectrum, thorough training, many years of experience and the direct support of our providers.
    They all dispose of the needed specialized instruments and spare-parts. We guaranty excellent and fast support at the highest level.
  3. Long term relationship with users and biomedical engineers
    We are convinced that having an open relationship between partners is the best guaranty for cooperation on the long run.

The service group of ACERTYS Imaging consists of 5 very motivated Service Engineers. They focus on RX equipment, Ultrasound- & laser devices and a broad range of equipment used for surgical purpose.

One part of the team performs the planned support while the other part carries out the repairs. Like this the support gets efficient without interruption and according to plan, while the service engineers are always available for repairs.