Aadco Medical

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AADCO Medical has developed a comprehensive line of Radiation Protection Products, focusing on high quality and durability. AADCO offers you a large range of radiation protection and related products:

  • Rayshield® X-ray Protective Aprons
  • Rayshield® Thyroid Flare
  • Custom X-ray Protective Aprons in different colors and designs
  • Rayshield® X-ray protective accessories like barriers and shields
  • Rayshield® X-ray Apron Racks
  • Rayshield® X-ray Protective Glasses
  • Rayshield® X-ray Protective Gloves
  • MRI-Safe® materials
  • Table Pads
  • Patient Positioning Aids
  • LCD Mounts and Displays

Picture: Different colors and designs available.